‘The Point Of No Return’

The difference between ‘mediocre gains’ and ‘phenomenal gains’ is pushing through that last rep (repetition).

“Nature rewards those favourably who develop the habit of going the extra mile”       -Napoleon Hill

Runners call it the wall. Lifters call it ‘The Point Of No Return’. It’s that one moment when the pain is too much and your brain is screaming at you to stop. At this point we must transend and push through that extra rep or all the agony and burn would have been for nothing.


Shwarzenegger was adamant that pushing through that extra rep is what separated the champions from the rest.


If you push through the last rep on every set in a workout with 24 sets. You’ve done 24 extra reps. If you do this every workout for a week that’s 100 extra reps. Do this for a month and that’s 400 extra reps. After a year you’ve pushed through 6000 extra reps.

1 day – 24 extra reps

1 week – 100 extra reps

1 month – 400+ extra reps

6 months – 3000+ extra reps

1 year – 6000+ extra reps

Imagine the difference in muscle growth having put all these thousands of extra reps in after a year!


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