Connect with your higher self

Inside every ones sub-conscious mind is an image of themselves.

As we alter this inner image the outside will start to change.

‘Transcend The Mind, And The Muscle Will Align’ – Luke Eira

The inner self-image which lives in the sub-conscious mind controls all of our acts and all of our habits, and it determines our results.

I didn’t know what I was doing at the time but when I first started weightlifting (when I was a skinny bitch) I started visualizing and imagining myself with the body of someone much larger and muscular. Within a few months I had undergone quite a radical change in body composition:

Before ……………………………………After


Little did I know that I was engaging in the process of ‘changing inner self-image.’ I had implanted in my sub-conscious a new image of myself, this in turn started changing my eating habits and my drive and intensity in the gym. The metaphysical medium(body) had no choice but to manifest, change and align to cater for this new inner image.

Having realized what I did and with summer approaching  I decided to change my inner self-image to one of a more toned, shredded physique. Within a short period I had procured a much leaner body composition:

*shredded negro alert*

Take control of your mental and physical destiny and use ‘practical daydreaming’ as a tool.

Simply Take 5 minutes every morning to imagine exactly how you want to look. The easiest way to do this is to find a professional athlete, pro bodybuilder, celebrity etc.. and imagine your head on their body. As crazy as this sounds using practical dreaming and fantasising as a life tool is highly effective.

Here’s Bob Proctors take on it:


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