We Are Energy

In order to maintain and build more muscle we have to take in more energy.

energy = calories

When I first ventured out in the realm of fitness like most fitness newbies, I had no clue how important diet was. I didn’t realise that in order to grow bigger I had to eat more calories, like most I was only focusing on protein intake.

It’s this simple: If we Eat 2000 calories a day and then Burn off 2000 calories a day. How are we supposed to build muscle? There’s nothing left. Adding calories on in order to grow is just as important as the training aspect of fitness. It takes ENERGY to maintain and build muscle, not just protein. EAT MORE!!!

Feed The Muscle!

If at the end of the day we’ve consumed a surplus of energy (eat more than it takes to maintain weight) and we have engaged in a rigorous training session then the body is gonna think ‘shit look at all this extra energy I’ve got spare, I best build me some lean, solid muscle mass!’

Keep a food log by writing down every morsel that enters your face and calculating the amount of energy(calories) you consume in a day.

When you’ve figured out how many calories you’ve been consuming on average eat more. A 500 calorie surplus will usually do the trick.

Here’s an example of a bodybuilders daily food log:

x4 eggs, x4 toast , 1 Tbsp coconut oil     850 calories

300g pasta, 200g chicken breast             2120 calories

100g almonds                                                2720 calories

200g mash potatoes,  200g salmon        3640 calories

You think you eat enough? Think again bitch


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