Fasting To Build Muscle?!

One of the best ways to maintain a low bodyfat percentage is to fast intermittently. I personally fast 16 hours daily in order to stay lean while continuing to grow and build muscle. How is this possible? As long as the body is taking in more energy than it needs to maintain itself it will grow. It’s not as extreme as it sounds. It’s as easy as skipping breakfast and just having a bigger lunch. We’ve all done this occasionally. Doing it on a consistent basis will procure us a consistently shredded physique.



During the 16 hour fast our bodies will be in a ‘fat burning state’. When the body has no source of energy it will tap into the reserve fuel, the flab. This is easier than it sounds as 8 hours of the fast will be spent asleep.

We will be consuming the same amount of food in the day just in a smaller (8 hour window)

Hugh Jackman used intermittent fasting to get into shape for his movie Wolverine. His regime consisted of eating all food between 10am and 6pm, eating 4000 calories a day and training twice a day.


Also the mental toughness, discipline and willpower gained from engaging in this regal ritual will serve you for life.




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