Think And Become

If there’s any agreeing common factor in all the greats it’s that we become what we think about.

Excerpt from the brilliant book ‘As A Man Thinketh’ :

‘Pure thoughts crystallize into habits of temperance and self-control, which solidify into circumstances of repose and peace: thoughts of courage, self-reliance, and decision crystallize into manly habits, which solidify into circumstances of success.’ – James Allen

Constantly feed your mind with health fitness and stories of successful athletes, documentaries, books, magazines, whatever it takes to fill your mind with muscle.

thought backed by desire.jpg

Another way to take advantage of the fact that we become what we think about is to hold an image of how you want to look in your mind and charge it with enthusiasm.

Do this on a regular basis. Eventually you will be compelled to go out and act on this compelling image.



Mental Benefits Of Lifting

The mental benefits of engaging in repetitive daily rituals of pain is phenomenal.  This is the process of literally sculpting our character for the better.


Bottom line – most people are bitches. They never have to deal with anything hard. So when life hits them with a problem. They break down and go into ‘crisis mode’.

The process of pushing yourself against a massive amounts of resistance everyday not only has physical, but mental benefits.

‘Nothing schools the will better than making it face disagreeable things’ -Halleck

Simply put, weightlifting will make us strong in our ability to deal with hardships in out day to day lives. It does wonders for our paradigms and makes us ‘arder. In all aspects.

“keep the faculty alive in you by a little gratious exercise every day; do every day something for no other reason than that you would rather not do it, so that when the hour of dire need draws nigh it may find you not cornered and untrained to stand the test. The man who has daily inured himself to habits of concentrated attention, energetic volition, and self – denial in unnecessary things will stand like a tower when everything rakes around him, and when his softer fellow mortals are knocked around like chaff in the blast.” – James

Gym Motivation

We’ve all been in that place where motivation wanes and we don’t feel like doing something we should be doing. Here’s a technique I use to change that stifled mindset.


Revert your mind back to the day you started this journey towards, health, fitness and success. Why did you first venture down the Iron Path. And then focus on the outcomes, the end results of all this hard work and effort. Remember those feeling when you first started and tap back into that same frequency that compelled you walk the path of Iron Righteousness.

When not feeling so good about only eating healthy food think of the outcome!

The Physique Of A Greek God


As opposed to the opposite.

Realign your mind by imagining only the RESULTS of the daily grind and gains will soon be upon you.



Fasting To Build Muscle?!

One of the best ways to maintain a low bodyfat percentage is to fast intermittently. I personally fast 16 hours daily in order to stay lean while continuing to grow and build muscle. How is this possible? As long as the body is taking in more energy than it needs to maintain itself it will grow. It’s not as extreme as it sounds. It’s as easy as skipping breakfast and just having a bigger lunch. We’ve all done this occasionally. Doing it on a consistent basis will procure us a consistently shredded physique.



During the 16 hour fast our bodies will be in a ‘fat burning state’. When the body has no source of energy it will tap into the reserve fuel, the flab. This is easier than it sounds as 8 hours of the fast will be spent asleep.

We will be consuming the same amount of food in the day just in a smaller (8 hour window)

Hugh Jackman used intermittent fasting to get into shape for his movie Wolverine. His regime consisted of eating all food between 10am and 6pm, eating 4000 calories a day and training twice a day.


Also the mental toughness, discipline and willpower gained from engaging in this regal ritual will serve you for life.



We Are Energy

In order to maintain and build more muscle we have to take in more energy.

energy = calories

When I first ventured out in the realm of fitness like most fitness newbies, I had no clue how important diet was. I didn’t realise that in order to grow bigger I had to eat more calories, like most I was only focusing on protein intake.

It’s this simple: If we Eat 2000 calories a day and then Burn off 2000 calories a day. How are we supposed to build muscle? There’s nothing left. Adding calories on in order to grow is just as important as the training aspect of fitness. It takes ENERGY to maintain and build muscle, not just protein. EAT MORE!!!

Feed The Muscle!

If at the end of the day we’ve consumed a surplus of energy (eat more than it takes to maintain weight) and we have engaged in a rigorous training session then the body is gonna think ‘shit look at all this extra energy I’ve got spare, I best build me some lean, solid muscle mass!’

Keep a food log by writing down every morsel that enters your face and calculating the amount of energy(calories) you consume in a day.

When you’ve figured out how many calories you’ve been consuming on average eat more. A 500 calorie surplus will usually do the trick.

Here’s an example of a bodybuilders daily food log:

x4 eggs, x4 toast , 1 Tbsp coconut oil     850 calories

300g pasta, 200g chicken breast             2120 calories

100g almonds                                                2720 calories

200g mash potatoes,  200g salmon        3640 calories

You think you eat enough? Think again bitch


Connect with your higher self

Inside every ones sub-conscious mind is an image of themselves.

As we alter this inner image the outside will start to change.

‘Transcend The Mind, And The Muscle Will Align’ – Luke Eira

The inner self-image which lives in the sub-conscious mind controls all of our acts and all of our habits, and it determines our results.

I didn’t know what I was doing at the time but when I first started weightlifting (when I was a skinny bitch) I started visualizing and imagining myself with the body of someone much larger and muscular. Within a few months I had undergone quite a radical change in body composition:

Before ……………………………………After


Little did I know that I was engaging in the process of ‘changing inner self-image.’ I had implanted in my sub-conscious a new image of myself, this in turn started changing my eating habits and my drive and intensity in the gym. The metaphysical medium(body) had no choice but to manifest, change and align to cater for this new inner image.

Having realized what I did and with summer approaching  I decided to change my inner self-image to one of a more toned, shredded physique. Within a short period I had procured a much leaner body composition:

*shredded negro alert*

Take control of your mental and physical destiny and use ‘practical daydreaming’ as a tool.

Simply Take 5 minutes every morning to imagine exactly how you want to look. The easiest way to do this is to find a professional athlete, pro bodybuilder, celebrity etc.. and imagine your head on their body. As crazy as this sounds using practical dreaming and fantasising as a life tool is highly effective.

Here’s Bob Proctors take on it:

‘The Point Of No Return’

The difference between ‘mediocre gains’ and ‘phenomenal gains’ is pushing through that last rep (repetition).

“Nature rewards those favourably who develop the habit of going the extra mile”       -Napoleon Hill

Runners call it the wall. Lifters call it ‘The Point Of No Return’. It’s that one moment when the pain is too much and your brain is screaming at you to stop. At this point we must transend and push through that extra rep or all the agony and burn would have been for nothing.


Shwarzenegger was adamant that pushing through that extra rep is what separated the champions from the rest.


If you push through the last rep on every set in a workout with 24 sets. You’ve done 24 extra reps. If you do this every workout for a week that’s 100 extra reps. Do this for a month and that’s 400 extra reps. After a year you’ve pushed through 6000 extra reps.

1 day – 24 extra reps

1 week – 100 extra reps

1 month – 400+ extra reps

6 months – 3000+ extra reps

1 year – 6000+ extra reps

Imagine the difference in muscle growth having put all these thousands of extra reps in after a year!

The 33% Rule: LIFT, EAT, SLEEP


Lifting/Training = 33%

  • Hard work in the gym. Lift to failure (until you can do no more) on every set.

Eating/Nutrition = 33%

  • Follow a healthy high protein diet.
  • Make sure your in a caloric surplus everyday (eat more than you need to maintain weight)

Sleeping/Rest and Recovery = 33%

  • 7-8 hours of sleep a night (most muscle growth occurs during sleep)
  • At least 48 hours recovery time for different muscle. For example, if you hit chest on a Monday rest it until Wednesday.

The Secret Trifector of Gains: